1. Q. Why does your website take me to another site to read the full article?

    A. We do all the heavy-lifting of aggregating, organizing, and categorizing the financial news for you. Vesty Waves does not own the content of the articles, we provide you with a simple one-stop shop to our meticulously chosen high-quality sources who do the heavy-lifting of consistently writing rich, reliable, and credible articles

  2. Q. How often do you update the feeds?

    A. Once an hour because we respect our sources and we do not want to flood them with requests. We have found that this frequency is good enough for all practical purposes. Should this frequency changes, we will post this information here.

  3. Q. What sources do you pick?

    A. We manually search for hidden gems in the internet that covers articles related to finances, economics, investing, and any relevant stories. If these sources consistently and reliably provide high-quality articles, we add these sources to our list of reliable sources and we continuously try to find new articles so that you, the reader, can easily have access to them.

  4. Q. How do you order the articles?

    A. So far, every category is ordered by how recent the article is. We are working on new features that will allow for multiple ways of sorting and/or viewing our articles

  5. Q. I am a blog/site owner. How can I add myself as a source?

    A. We are always looking for new reliable and high-quality sources to addto our list. Please contact us at

  6. Q. I am a blog/site owner. How can I remove myself from your list of sources?

    A. Sure! Contact us at and we will remove you from our list.