Problem Statement

The amount of information covering financial and business news is overwhelming. Bloggers as well as more established news sources publish posts and articles covering these subjects on a daily basis. Some of these sources consistenly provide reliable high-quality content while others do not

One way you can filter out the low-quality content is to stick to a couple of blogs or news outlets that consistently provide high value to you. One shortcoming of this solution is that you might not get exposed to all the different angles, views, and opinions. In the word of finance, business, and investing, it is extremely important to listen to all the different opinions and benefit from the various ideas and experiences that exist online.

Another problem that exists today is that it is not easy for the readers to get to the information they seek quickly. Say you want to research all the news that covered any businesses in the transportation sector recently. Even though you could definitely do that, Vesty Waves tries to facilitate this process by organizing the news for you in a way you can easily consume

Vesty Waves Mission

The mission of Vesty Waves is to organize the world's financial and business news. In essence, vesty waves strives to acheive the following goals:

  1. Aggregation
  2. The internet is full of high-quality content covering business news, personal finance, economy news, etc. Bloggers and established news sources provide excellent articles covering various subjects, from various angles, written by various people with different convictions and experiences.

    One of our fundamental goals is to discover these online gems and making them accessible to you. We acheive this by finding the best online sources that consistently provide high-quality content covering business and financial news and referring you to them.

  3. Organization
  4. Vesty Waves is not just a business or financial news aggregator. Even though we beleive that aggregation on its own provides value to you, we firmly beleive that organizing the content, and facilitating your access to the information you seek is extremely valuable.

Topics Covered by Vesty Waves

Vesty Waves is concerned with the following strongly correlated topics:

  1. Business and Financial News
  2. this covers business-related news spanning various sectors and industries

  3. Personal Finance
  4. this covers debt, retirement, insurance, taxes, investing, etc.

  5. The Economy
  6. Macro economics, jobs, national-debt, GDP, etc.

In conclusion, we promise that Vesty Waves will consistently find more ways to provide more value for our readers. That said, please let us know if you want to see changes or extra features on our site. You can contact us at